What is the Golden Proportion? Smile and Cosmetic Dentistry

The Golden Proportion is a partial answer to the vexed question, ‘what is beauty?’ The ancient Greeks believed they had an answer when they discovered that there was a constant proportion between a large and a small in the beauty of nature. This proportion is called the Golden Proportion. Golden, because it seems so noble and perfect with many amazing properties.


The physical components which make up the sense of beauty and attractiveness come down to balance and proportion. This natural law of beauty is known as the Golden Proportion.


The Golden Proportion is a vital component in need of understanding, so as to creating the flawless smile. Our dentists at Icon Dental can design your smile using this natural law of beauty.


The Golden Proportion assembles your new smile with the natural shape, size and contour to best fit your face and jaw function. Stunning and ageless smiles must be proportionate and remain in harmony with your unique facial structures in order to successfully underline your true beauty.


The application of the Golden Proportion principles can be applied to the human face. The Golden Proportion has been equally applied to the practice of Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Implants, and where consideration is made to essential components of the ‘perfect smile’. These principles of symmetry and balance are the critical ingredients in the development of a ‘beautiful’ face and smile.


What does the number 1.618 have to do with anything?


1.618 is known as the Golden Ratio, and it’s a mathematical proportion that is known to be extremely pleasing to the human eye.


This ratio has been found in art, architecture, music and nature time and time again. It even crops up in black holes. From ancient Greek mathematicians to Leonardo DaVinci, the Golden Ratio has spawned more writings and theories and books than one might think possible for a mathematical concept. Artists use it to make their art visually pleasing, laying out their paintings in a way that is in tune with those ideal proportions.


We all know our smile affects our appearance in different ways. For example, prominent canine teeth create an aggressive appearance. Rounded lateral incisors are associated with a more feminine look, while a blocky shape appears more masculine. But what about the proportions of our teeth?


Let’s talk about the perfect smile.


In it, the two front teeth form a Golden Ratio in relation to their height and width. We could generalize this a bit and say that their width should be about 70 percent of their height. This ratio is then carried out even further in considering the width of the first and second tooth from the center teeth. Even the ratio of the entire width of the smile to the location of the third tooth — yep. Golden Ratio. That seemingly magic ratio of perfection is seen over and over in our teeth and mouth, just as it is found repeatedly in nature.


How to get the perfect smile


This sounds a little complicated, and it isn’t something to lose sleep over. You don’t have to understand it completely in order to appreciate it — we naturally prefer this proportion without realizing it. At Icon, we are aware of these ideal teeth proportions, and when you schedule a visit for a consultation for a cosmetic procedure, these ideal proportions are used to create that perfect smile.


Getting your teeth fixed is the new ‘anti-aging procedure.‘


In other words, dental work can be more effective at achieving a younger look than getting a brow lift. The goal is to create harmony within the face and reestablish youthfulness in a natural way.”


At Icon Dental we have believe we can create a better smile for you which is an alternative option to plastic surgery or dermatology. Don’t believe us? Book a free 10 min consultation.


The state our smile is in, including positioning and color of teeth, affects our appearance more than we might think. While the skin on our face inevitably ages, and in the process loses elastin and collagen, our teeth are also aging.


The fact is, that our “teeth support the lower third of the face, and over time, this support begins to collapse” shifting the position of the teeth that would more favorably provide some much needed support to the upper lip.


When teeth begin to collapse, some people choose to have a collagen injection into the lip. This provides some fullness to the lip but it doesn’t fix the root of the problem, which is the fact that the position of the teeth has shifted and needs to be fixed. Our teeth provide the foundation and shape to our face, so shouldn’t we make sure we fix the underlying problem first?


The Golden Ratio ensures that your beautiful smile looks most natural. His happens when you take into consideration: “face shape, tooth color, tooth size, light refraction, age and skin tone.”



It is obvious that a white, bright smile makes a person appear healthy and attractive and is a tremendous asset both in business and in one’s private life. A good cosmetic dentist is not only skilled in the latest techniques but is also knowledgeable about aesthetics and how teeth should appear in proportion to one another in order to achieve a natural effect. There is nothing worse than front teeth that are obviously crowns and are prominent and bulky, or just too big for the mouth. They just look plain artificial and can fool nobody. The best cosmetic dentistry keeps your teeth looking like natural teeth whilst improving them at the same time.


Cosmetic dentistry encompasses a whole range of procedures and treatments from the straightforward teeth whitening to complex ones involving full mouth reconstruction.


Even simple cosmetic dental procedures like teeth whitening can make a tremendous difference to your smile and improve your general appearance. If your teeth are basically sound but just rather drab looking or stained and discolored from drinking lots of tea or coffee, then “power whitening” is the answer. In the dental chair you would have a powerful whitening gel painted over your teeth and activated by a special light-source that produces energetic oxygen molecules that can penetrate tooth enamel and quickly neutralize stains and discolorations. In less than an hour your teeth can be transformed from dark and dull to light and bright. A typical result is for the teeth to become 6-10 shades lighter, giving you a smile to rival that of a Hollywood celebrity.


Various other advanced techniques and treatments are available to correct misaligned, crooked, or protruding teeth, restore broken teeth, and even replace missing teeth in a way that produces a near perfect result so that nobody would guess that there had ever been a problem. If your teeth are less than perfect right now, why not check out our website and be amazed by the miracle of modern cosmetic dentistry?

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