Kayla Gunner

Dental Assistant

Kayla grew up in Cooktown, North Queensland and moved to Yeppoon with her husband in 2017. Before joining the Icon team, she worked in hospitality for over 10 years but has always had an interest in oral health and the healthcare system. When the opportunity arose almost two years ago for her to become a Dental Assistant on such a welcoming and hard-working team it was a no brainer.


For Kayla, dentistry is a very fulfilling and rewarding industry. She loves helping people and making them feel at ease throughout their procedure. Kayla loves the way she can always tell the relief her patients experience whether it be because we have removed their pain or improved their smile, there is nothing better than seeing how happy they are leaving the practice. It truly shows how dentistry can make such a difference.


In her personal life, Kayla loves animals and particularly loves to ride horses. She enjoys spending time outdoors in general and very much values exercise and fitness. Family time is very important to Kayla, not to mention she also loves to travel.

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