Straight Teeth The Natural Way

Myofunctional therapy addresses abnormal muscle postures to favourably guide dental and facial development.
Most people are born with the genetic potential to grow jaws that are big enough to accommodate all their teeth.
When the muscles of the mouth and face develop improper resting postures and functional patterns, problems can occcur in a child’s growth and developement. These problems include:

Mouth Breathing

Crooked Teeth

Sleep Problems

Speech Disorders

Tongue Thrusts

And Many More

The idea behind myofunctional therapy is to identify and replace these abnormal muscle patterns with more normal activity. In a growing child, this sets the stage for a more normal pattern of orofacial growth and developement to occur.

Proper Orofacial Muscle Balance
Is The Key To Favourable Growth And Development.

The younger a child is treated, the quicker the results and greater the potential there is of avoiding serious orthodontic problems from developing. Early treatment also improves the chance of achieving optimal facial balance and airway development. The only lower limit to age is how well a child can understand the goals and co-operate with treatment.


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