Your First Appointment

Your first appointment is extremely important as it is our chance to begin getting to know you and to start building a relationship built on mutual trust and respect that we hope will last for years. When you first enter our practice, you can expect to be warmly welcomed by our friendly dental team who will help you feel at ease.

Reviewing Your Medical History

While we want to ensure you have a healthy smile, it is crucial to make sure any treatment we recommend is safe and appropriate, which is why we need to review your medical history thoroughly. We will ask you to fill in a medical history form during your first visit so please make sure you provide a complete list of all prescription and over-the-counter medications and that you let us know about any medical issues

A Comprehensive Dental Examination

Your first appointment may well take a little longer than subsequent visits because we will need to carry out a comprehensive dental examination. Our dentist will gently and thoroughly examine your mouth, making detailed notes about your dental health, including the condition of your teeth, any dental restorations and especially your gum health.

Dental X-Rays

We will almost certainly want to take a complete set of dental x-rays. These x-rays are necessary to assess areas of your mouth hidden from view, including your tooth roots, the contact areas between your teeth, and the position of any teeth yet to erupt, such as wisdom teeth. Our digital dental x-ray equipment is very safe, omitting extremely low levels of radiation and produces images instantly viewable on the screens in our treatment rooms.

Discussing Your Dental Health and Any Concerns

Once we have completed your dental examination, our dentist will want to spend some time with you discussing your dental health. We will provide you with a complete treatment plan individually designed to help you maintain optimal dental health. Your treatment plan will show how frequently we recommend regular examinations. Usually, people with good dental health will need to see us every six months. If you have any dental problems or medical issues that impact your oral health, we may suggest you come and see us more frequently so we can monitor your dental health more closely. If you need any dental treatment, we will discuss all possible options and the associated costs. Sometimes there may be more than one choice of treatment or restorative material available.

Our entire dental team love educating patients, so please feel free to ask us any questions you may have about your dental health and to discuss possible concerns.

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