Children's Dentist Yeppoon

Your Child's First Visit

Children's Dentistry Yeppoon

At Icon Dental, we take pride in your child’s first dental visit. It is important to look after your child’s teeth from the moment they begin to erupt, this is usually from approximately 6 months of age. We believe it is vital to leave the best impression on your child’s first dental visit and allow them to become familiar with the dental environment by having a dental examination. We encourage you to start the process of your child’s dental care and prevention from one year of age to soon after the baby teeth erupt, this is usually approximately six months old.

The first visit involves one on one interaction with child and clinician, getting to know one another. Sometimes the visit involves a ride in the chair until the patient is comfortable enough to invite the clinician to look inside the mouth. This varies from child to child and can take the one visit, or sometimes two or three, depending on patients compliance.

At this age, six-twelve months up to the age of approximately 7 years, children do not have the dexterity skills like an adult. Therefore, parents are responsible for the hygiene regime and accuracy for their child/children. We at Icon Dental Group not only teach the child to brush successfully and eat well, though we encourage and educate the parents. It can be a lot more difficult to brush one others teeth especially when they want to wiggle around more and move their head side to side making it feel impossible to do so. Let us tell you, it is possible and manageable with the correct techniques! Our Oral Health Therapists will explain and demonstrate to the parents how to clean your childs teeth by placing your child in the best position where it is comfortable for the parent to clean successfully with the best visual outcome.

The importance of the first dental visit to begin as soon as teeth start to erupt is not only for the childs familiarity in the dental setting, though it is to determine any factors that could possibly cause dental disease. If there are any areas to improve including brushing technique or diet, this can be diagnosed early before damage is done to maintain the best possible health for your child.

If your child has teeth or you have not seen your local dentist for 6 months or more, please do not hesitate to contact us on 07 49392900 and our friendly Oral Health Therapist will be delighted to look after your child.

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