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One of the first signs many patients experience with their wisdom teeth is pain or discomfort.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

One of the first signs many patients experience with their wisdom teeth is pain or discomfort. Wisdom teeth, also known as the third molars, are the last teeth to erupt and usually erupt between eighteen and twenty-one years of age. Not everyone can have all four wisdom teeth and these can be assessed with the full mouth radiograph called orthopantomgraph (OPG). This particular radiograph will assess the position of the wisdom teeth and how many are present. Some may have all four, three, two, one or possible no wisdom teeth at all. In some cases, wisdom teeth may not erupt at all, with you believing you have no wisdom teeth, however they could be lying underneath gum level impacted. Depending on the position, they could be left alone or require removal.

The OPG x-ray is mandatory prior to removal of the wisdom teeth as we will be able to assess the surrounding structures including the nerves and sinus. This will ensure that the removal of tooth is completed as safely as possible.

At Icon Dental Group we perform a comprehensive examination to determine if the wisdom teeth need to be surgically removed or safely removed in the dental chair. Wisdom teeth are usually removed when there is limited room in the jaw. In some cases it is strongly advised to remove wisdom teeth to avoid future complications and dental issues that can progress to health concerns. Unfortunately, most cases of erupted wisdom teeth, pain will come and go until treated. Problems that can occur if impacted wisdom teeth are not extracted are;

  • Inflammation of the surrounding gums
  • Tooth decay to the impacted wisdom teeth and adjacent teeth due to poor access to clean
  • Pathological lesions
  • Referred pain

At your dental checkup appointments you will know if you have wisdom teeth as this is one of many things we assess. To ensure the best and thorough outcome, we encourage your dental checkups to be regular so we can monitor the wisdom teeth and deliver your required treatment when needed. To book your appointment please contact us on 07 49392900.

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