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Whitening is a simple and effective method of improving the colour of your teeth.

Teeth Whitening

Whitening is a simple and effective method of improving the color of your teeth. All natural teeth are prone to discolouration affected by age, lifestyle and diet. We at Icon Dental Group offer both in-chair or at-home treatment options to suit everyone. Before the whitening treatment, it is important that you are the right candidate to proceed and you understand the process.


We advise a thorough examination and clean before commencement of treatment to maximise results.


Only natural teeth will be effective using the whitening process. This is why it is important for the examination to be completed prior. For example, if any front teeth need to be restored, we may complete the whitening safely first and then complete the fillings/veneers/crowns to match the new shade of your teeth. If the other way was completed, than it is a guess of shade of the restoration and may not match.

The whitening process can be refreshed every 6-12 months or more at home to give you the bright, fresh smile.

The in-chair whitening process is a time for you to bring a movie and relax in the dental chair for approximately one and a half hours. This treatment has you leaving with whiter teeth than what you walked in with. The benefit of this option, is the results are instant. All the hard work is completed by your dental operator. All you need to do is relax!

The take home whitening option has the same results, however it takes longer for the best outcome. It usually takes two weeks to get the desired results using a fabricated retainer like object called a whitening tray that you wear daily. A whitening gel is given for you to apply in your trays to wear for the desired time and over a period of time consistently.

Some say that they can not whiten their teeth due to sensitivity. In fact you can! The benefit of the take home whitening process is that you have that control. In some cases of severely sensitive teeth, whitening is not out of action. You can complete the take home whitening method in your own home comfortably at your own pace, of course following the recommended instructions.

If this is something you have wanted to do or want to improve the colour of your teeth leaving you smiling more than ever, please call us today on 07 49392900 to book your examination appointment so we can assess what whitening process is best suited for you.

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