Restorative Implants

Restorative dental implants are the final and perhaps the most exciting stage of implant treatment. After you have completed implant surgery and your implant posts have healed, we can restore the implants with new replacement teeth.

A Versatile Treatment

One of the great things about implant treatment is its versatility. We can restore your implants with single dental implant crowns, or with an implant bridge or an implant-supported denture.

Dental Implant Crowns

A dental implant crown is a great choice for replacing a single missing tooth, and once in place will be virtually indiscernible from a real tooth. Your implant crown is cemented or screwed onto the implant post, so it is only removable by a dentist and will appear to emerge from your gums just like a real tooth. It might sound strange to think of a crown that is screwed onto your implant, but it can be a good option in specific circumstances. The screw is covered with tooth coloured composite resin so it cannot be seen but means the crown is very easy to retrieve.

We can make your dental implant crown from a precious metal alloy that may be covered with porcelain. Often implant crowns are all-ceramic and are entirely metal-free, which can be a great option where aesthetics are especially important. An all-ceramic crown is strong enough to be placed anywhere in the mouth.

Dental Implant Bridge

A dental implant bridge is an excellent solution if you are missing several teeth side-by-side or where your natural teeth would not be strong enough to support an ordinary bridge or are missing entirely. You don’t need to replace every single tooth with a dental implant, and we can fabricate quite large bridges, even replacing an entire arch of teeth.
We can make dental implant bridges from the same materials as implant crowns. We can even provide an all-ceramic, zirconia full arch bridge using the latest restorative materials that are strong and beautiful.

Implant-Supported Denture

An implant-supported denture can replace an entire arch of teeth. We often use this option to replace lower teeth as lower dentures are more problematic than upper dentures. Treatment requires relatively few dental implants, so it is very affordable. Also, we can frequently situate the implants in such a way as to maximise the use of available bone, avoiding the need for bone grafting. The implant denture clips onto the dental implants, ensuring it is held firmly in place, but you can remove it easily for cleaning. Because the denture is held securely in position, it provides greater biting strength than a conventional denture.


We make an implant-supported denture from the same materials as a conventional denture. We use the highest quality denture teeth, and the base is made from pink coloured acrylic that closely matches your natural gum colour.

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