Regular Examination

Your regular dental examination is the cornerstone of any good preventive dental care plan. Most people will need to visit Icon Dental every six months. It is well worth booking these appointments, even if you feel your teeth are healthy and strong.

Why See a Dentist Regularly?

During these regular exams, our experienced dentists can soon detect any changes to your dental health, monitoring your oral health closely and providing appropriate care. It’s an approach that helps prevent small issues from developing into larger and potentially painful problems that are trickier and more costly to treat.

What to Expect During Your Regular Dental Examination?

Our dentist will examine your mouth gently, thoroughly assessing every tooth. We are checking to see if any teeth have soft spots in the enamel (the hard, outer coating) or signs of tiny lesions where a cavity might be forming. Your gum health is very important, so we check the gum around each tooth carefully for any signs of periodontal disease (gum disease). We take careful measurements and make detailed notes at every checkup. When you visit us again, we can compare these notes and can quickly see if there are any changes.

What Will Happen If I Need Treatment?

After your checkup, our dentist will review their findings with you. Sometimes we might choose to monitor a tiny issue to see if it develops further, so you may not need treatment immediately. If you do have a problem that requires dental care, we will provide a treatment plan. Your custom treatment plan will show all possible options and includes a breakdown of the cost of each procedure.

Ensuring You Understand Any Treatment Needed

When there is more than one solution, we will discuss these options with you, so you understand the differences fully. Our dentists love educating patients and are great at explaining procedures without using tricky terminology that is hard to understand, especially while you are in the dental chair. We always encourage questions, so please ask if you don’t quite understand or if you want to know more about your dental health or any treatments recommended.

Oral Cancer Screening

Your examination includes an oral cancer screening. Early detection of this disease is vital, and dentists are specially trained to notice symptoms. During your regular dental exam, we will screen your oral tissues for any signs of changes to the texture or colour and check thoroughly for any lumps or growths or sore spots that have been present for more than a week or two. The screening is quick, painless and non-invasive.

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