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Bleeding gums are NOT normal.


Bleeding gums are NOT normal. There are two types of gum disease;

  • Gingivitis
  • Periodontitis

Inflamed and red gums require treatment. It is crucial that you see your Oral Health Therapist every 6 months to maintain and/or stabalise your oral environment. For some patients this may be more frequent depending on the health of the gums and supporting structures. Some are more susceptible to periodontitis including those who smoke or have health factors like diabetes therefore a thorough medical history is completed prior to any dental treatment as we take this into consideration for the best possible treatment outcome.

Gum disease usually begins from poor oral hygiene resulting in gingivitis. Gingivitis is a reversible disease with the appearance of red and swollen gums that bleed. This can be reversed and treated by a professional hygiene appointment with our Oral Health Therapist and maintained with good at home oral hygiene. Your dental professional will educate you on how to maintain this at home with techniques unique to you.


If gingivitis is left untreated, it will progress to periodontitis. Periodontitis is a dental disease that begins to effect the supporting structures around your teeth including your bone and gums. Periodontitis can be masked by many things, one example is smoking. This disease could be happening to you without you knowing. Periodontitis cannot be reversed like gingivitis, however it can be stabalised. This particular gum disease requires close attention with our dental professional to help maintain the disease to prevent it from getting worse. Progression of the disease can have serious consequences including tooth loss if left untreated.

Regular dental visits is paramount for the maintenance and your clinician will place you on a maintenance program detailed to you for routine maintenance anywhere between 3-6 monthly visits.


Periodontal treatment is taken very seriously in dental. Research has been undertaken resulting in the possible connections between gum disease and atherosclerosis and heart disease, stroke, diabetes and respiratory diseases.

We advise six monthly checkup and hygiene appointments so we at Icon Dental Group can assess the health of your gums and bone and place you on a maintenance program that fits within the state and health of your oral environment and medical needs.


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