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Being thorough in dentistry means taking the time.

Oral Hygiene

Being thorough in dentistry means taking the time. We respect the time to explain what is happening with your oral health, what you can do at home to improve and what options you have regarding treatment. We present and educate the information in a comfortable and relaxed setting taking the time to deliver in a way that you understand in our care for you. We don’t just tell you what needs to happen, though we show you so that you understand to help maintain and prevent further required dental treatment.

Plaque is the bacteria that deposits on your teeth within minutes following brushing, and this hardens or calcifies when it is not removed. This is called calculus. Unfortunately calculus cannot be removed at home and needs to be professionally removed with the appropriate equipment by your dental operator.

At home oral hygiene includes brushing two times per day with a soft headed manual or electric toothbrush for two minutes and flossing at least once per day. If using a manual toothbrush we encourage to physically move the toothbrush in a circular position angling the toothbrush 45 degrees towards the gum line to effectively remove the bacteria from the teeth. Electric toothbrush does not require pressure also. It does the circular motion for you so you only need to concentrate on the angulation and time.

Flossing is a technique to reach the areas your tooth brush bristles cannot access, between the teeth. Plaque is still hidden between the teeth after brushing so flossing is advised daily to remove the bacteria. Between the teeth is a high risk area for decay and is the most common area for fillings to be needed due to the lack of flossing.

We are strong believers to achieve the best result for you, requires team work with you at home and visiting your Oral Health Therapist when recommended, usually every 6 months. Call us today on 07 49392900

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