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Fillings is a procedure to treat cavities in teeth or restore trauma related injuries using advance technology with tooth coloured materials.


Fillings is a procedure to treat cavities in teeth or restore trauma related injuries using advance technology with tooth coloured materials. The materials used now have improved compared to the traditional amalgam fillings used in the past. They;

  • Do not expand and shrink causing the teeth to crack
  • More conservative to prepare
  • Can be used on all teeth, including front teeth for aesthetics
  • Do not release mercury
  • Appear natural

It is important to have fillings completed when required to prevent tooth loss as the decay may get larger and deeper. A filling is a treatment that can save your tooth/teeth! This is why it is important to maintain your 6 monthly check up and cleans so your Dentist or Oral Health Therapist can perform a thorough examination and find problems sooner rather than later. Decay in teeth can be treated with a filling and if not treated, can than progress requiring further extensive treatment that is more costly and more invasive to your tooth.


A filling is completed in one treatment. In some cases, depending on the size and depth of the decay, temporary pain relief is offered to ensure you are as comfortable as possible. A step by step procedure by your clinician will ensure your filling is completed thoroughly and efficiently have you leaving with a caries free tooth.

Fillings unfortunately do not mean your tooth is bullet proof for secondary decay. A filling procedure removes the decay present and replaces what was effected with a resin material to restore functional use. In fact, teeth with fillings or any dental work need to be monitored more carefully and can be at higher risk of dental decay and gum diseases. You six monthly dental checkups are more important then ever when dental work has been completed so your clinician can monitor them closely. This will allow your dental practitioner to diagnose any early signs of decay around the fillings or on new virgin teeth and replace and/or restore if necessary before it has a chance of getting too large.


The benefits of treating fillings early is that it can be one of the most conservative, affordable and less time consuming procedures you can do to restore a tooth. If dental caries is diagnosed early, the filling required will be smaller, cheaper and entail less tooth removal.

In some cases, a filling required could be too large to restore with a resin material filling and your dental clinician may offer an alternative. The alternative will vary depending on the individual and the case and outcome of the tooth.


Remember, a tooth needing a filling may not always cause pain to begin with. In fact, when pain is present, this usually means that the filling is large and may require more extensive dental treatment than just a filling. Ensuring your six monthly dental visits and optimum oral hygiene and diet will help prevent this from happening and encourage you to have your natural teeth for as long as possible.


Please call us on 07 49392900 to book your check up appointment and your dental clinician will assess and provide a through treatment plan of any treatment that may be required.

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