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In some unfortunate cases a tooth cannot be saved due to the severity of damage resulting it no longer being able to be restored, this results to an extraction. Sometimes a patient may elect the tooth to be removed instead of saving the tooth by carrying out the alternative treatment such as a root canal treatment. This may be due to time and/or cost.

Tooth extraction is not always performed due to pain, or heavily decayed teeth. In some cases teeth may not be able to be saved due to severe trauma to the face resulting in tooth breakage that cannot be restored with other restorative dental treatment. Another cause of tooth removal is the position of eruption. This could relate to where the adult tooth erupts inside the mouth. In some cases the adult tooth may erupt behind or in front of the baby tooth not pushing the baby tooth out for exfoliation. If this does occur the baby tooth may need some assistance from your dental provider to extract to allow the adult tooth to move into the correct position.

In a small percentage of cases, some teeth may need to be removed for the success of orthodontic treatment. When teeth are severely crowded and overlapped, extracted teeth will allow the space for the teeth to move into the correct position. This is reviewed carefully by our senior Dentist Dr Molloy and assessed at our free orthodontic consultation we offer.

To limit complications, a thorough examination and orthopantomograph (OPG) radiograph are required to view the surrounding structures such as nerves, sinus and opposing teeth.
The OPG x-ray is mandatory prior to removal of teeth as we will be able to assess the surrounding structures including the nerves and sinus. This will ensure the tooth removal is completed as safely as possible.

Most teeth can be removed under local anaesthetic with the option of nitrous oxide gas sedation for your own comfort. If your dentist determines your case to be more complex, a referral may be recommended to the oral surgeon for completion. Otherwise, the treatment of removal can be performed in the dental chair in one visit.

Missing teeth can be replaced. If extractions are performed we will offer treatment options to replace those gaps for functional use and cosmetic appearance.

Please book your appointment today at Icon Dental Group on 07 49392900 for a check up to minimise the risk of extractions for the best outcome of keeping your own natural teeth.

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