Dietary Advice

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Good eating and drinking habits needs to begin from the young age.

Dietary Advice

Good eating and drinking habits need to begin from a young age. Children learn from adults, therefore we encourage adults to be well educated. In dentistry we encourage all adults to maintain good oral health by adopting good oral hygiene practices and healthy diet. We at Icon Dental Group look at all patients as a whole, starting from babies, toddlers, young children, teenagers, adults, pregnant women and those with medical conditions. Eating well with a balanced diet is necessary for the gums, teeth and supporting structures to grow, develop and functional correctly.

Good nutrition provides the minerals the gums and teeth need to keep strong and attack infections. We encourage you to avoid sticky foods that can get trapped in the grooves of the teeth making it difficult to clean and dislodge, this will put the tooth at risk of decay. When we assess your teeth, we look for any signs of wear or damage that may result in dental disease or dental problems. We may then ask you to complete a food diary so we can help diagnose what is contributing to the problem.

We notice in the dental environment the teenage years to early adults is when the diet can be neglected. Drinking alcohol, especially with soft drink, energy drinks and the not so nutritional food can have a high impact on the oral environment creating dental diseases, yes, dental decay is a disease. Nutritional diet is not only beneficial for the teeth and gums, it provides the energy and fuel your body needs to live. We focus on your overall wellbeing, not just your oral health.

One key component to help prevent tooth decay from developing is your saliva. It helps recover your teeth from sugar attacks by neutralising the acids consumed. However, this can be undone if you are frequently snaking inbetween meals. If you are snaking regularly, this means your teeth do not get the break required to remineralise the teeth from the acid resulting in the acid attack.

Remember, water can be free! And it is also calorie free. Fluoridated water is beneficial to help keep your teeth strong. Unfortunately we do not have fluoride in our water, so sipping on water through out the day is making a real difference for the long term health of your teeth and oral environment.

Dry mouth can impact the oral environment and puts you at higher risk of tooth decay. Stimulating your mouth to produce more saliva is important for protection. One way for more saliva production is by chewing sugar-free gum. This will help neutralise acid attacks that may cause tooth decay.

Diet may be discussed at your regular dental checkup appointments if signs are visible. However we like to treat these cases before signs become evident and too much damage is done. Please book your checkup appointment today on 07 49392900 so we can discuss your diet together for your best overall health.

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