Dentures Yeppoon

Missing teeth is a common issue for people of all ages. At Icon Dental, we are committed to protecting your smile for years to come.

At Icon Dental we offer a fine selection of full and partial dentures to fill in any missing teeth in your smile. A typical denture consists of a plate, made either from metal or acrylic, with a set of false teeth attached. The false teeth are designed to match both the appearance and function of natural teeth, meaning you can restore your smile and chew normally. We also offer Implant Retained solutions for Full and Partial dentures, which function like natural teeth (you can read more about our implant options here).

Get that beautiful smile you’ve always wanted! Book in for a free 10 minute consultation via the online booking link below or call our office direct on 07 4939 2900.

To ensure a good long term result for the investment in your dental health, it is really important that you visit us for your 6 monthly active maintenance appointment.

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