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Crowns and bridges can restore teeth that are severely damaged or replace those that are missing.

When Might I Need a Crown?

We recommend dental crowns when a tooth is substantially decayed or damaged and a significant part of its structure is missing, as an ordinary filling wouldn’t be strong enough to repair the crown adequately. A crown covers up the entire tooth, right down to the gum line, protecting it against further infection and damage.
Icon Dental uses only the very highest quality materials when fabricating crowns, creating restorations that feel natural and look just as good as real teeth, or even better. If you need a crown, we will make sure it fits perfectly, restoring strength, structure and appearance.

What Materials are Used to Make Dental Crowns?

Your crown can be made from high-quality metal alloy polished to a high sheen, or we can cover the metal substructure with porcelain. However, the most modern option is to have an all-ceramic crown that is entirely metal-free. The latest ceramic materials are strong enough to restore any tooth, and because they are metal-free, they transmit light in a similar way to real teeth, giving you the very best aesthetic results.

When Might I Need a Dental Bridge?

We strive very hard to protect and preserve natural teeth, but sometimes there is no other option to remove them because they are too severely infected or decayed or damaged by trauma. It’s important to replace missing teeth to protect your oral health and restore your smile. One option is a bridge that fills the gap left by a missing tooth.
A bridge is supported by crowns fitted over the adjacent teeth on each side. These teeth are called abutment teeth. The crowns are attached to a replacement tooth called a pontic, and which rests on the gums. We design the pontic to look just like a real tooth.
A dental bridge can replace multiple missing teeth that were originally adjacent to each other, provided the abutment teeth are strong enough to support the bridge. Once we fit your bridge, it should look and feel extremely natural, and it will ensure you can bite and chew comfortably and confidently.

What Materials are Used to Make Dental Bridges?

We can fabricate your bridge from the same durable, beautiful materials used to create crowns, so if you wish you can choose an all-ceramic bridge. These bridges are made from an advanced material called zirconia which is suitable for restoring large bridges, including those replacing a complete arch of teeth.

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