Check up

Prevention is always better than a cure.

Check up

Prevention is always better than a cure. Early diagnosis from the neck upwards means early intervention. We have a strong belief that the mouth is the gateway to the rest of your body and we value your overall health and longevity of your teeth. The Australian Dental Association suggest seeing your dentist every 6 months for the prevention of not only dental related diseases, though also oral cancer.

Studies show that systemic illnesses have scientifically proven the link to gum disease, which is why we treat patients overall health, not only oral health. Regular dental examinations, x-rays and hygiene appointments are a critical part of your oral hygiene regime which includes your at home oral care.


At each dental check up appointment you will be assessed thoroughly from the neck upwards to inside the mouth. We assess neck, face, throat, cheeks, tongue, gums and teeth for any signs of trouble or swelling as well as detecting oral cancer and dental caries. At these appointments, it is the best time for you to ask any questions or bring up any concerns that we can help you and target the desired treatment associated with what we can see.


During a checkup it involves more than what we can see visually and feel. That’s why dental x-rays are an important diagnostic tool that allows confirmation of any abnormalities that cannot be seen with the eye. In some cases, x-rays have saved many lives! Whether you are a child or an adult x-rays are safe to take inside and outside of the mouth due to extremely low amount of radiation.

Regular dental radiographs are just as important as visual. X-rays can detect;

  • Decay between teeth that can not be visible inside the mouth
  • Problems with existing dental work
  • Presence and/or severity of gum disease
  • Infections
  • Tooth development issues
  • Cysts and tumours
  • Traumatic injuries
  • Proximity the teeth are to the nerves and sinus
  • Development and position of wisdom teeth
  • Bone level for implant placement

Checkup appointments are like any other medical appointment. As health professionals we focus on prevention. Ensuring you commit to your dental checks and hygiene will ensure you are being kept with up to date education to help keep your natural teeth for as long as possible. Teeth are used for many things such as; speaking, swallowing and smiling. Let us help you by calling to make your check up appointment today with us at Icon Dental Group on 07 49392900.

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