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Amalgam restorations were used in the past and now have no place in modern dentistry

Amalgam Free Dentistry

Amalgam restorations were used in the past and now have no place in modern dentistry. Do you have old amalgam fillings? Let us update your restorations today with the range of materials available to improve the appearance and ultimately the health of your teeth. Under safe and controlled circumstances the amalgam fillings can be removed effectively being replaced with a new robust tooth coloured filling.

When, in particular amalgam fillings are visible, this could perhaps be the most simple and more affordable way to enhance ones smile.

Amalgam fillings are very strong, however they can have a negative impact with the capacity to expand and shrink causing cracks and fractures in your tooth. Most times, if left untreated or not diagnosed early, they can have severe outcomes including your tooth requiring further extensive dental treatment. We encourage six monthly visits to your local dentist to monitor these amalgam fillings and when they begin to deteriorate, we encourage replacement of these restorations with a tooth coloured filling to prevent further fracture or dental decay.

In some cases, the cracks can be too severe to simply be replaced with a filling. Therefore a crown may be an alternative for longevity and strength of the tooth. This will be closely assessed by your dental clinician and options provided for that tooth.

We at Icon Dental Group have not used amalgam as a restoration for many years now and have seen the success rate of tooth coloured resin filling material.

Remember though, if your amalgam filling is not effecting your cosmetic appearance and is sound, we will closely monitor with your six monthly appointments and only restore when necessary.

If you have not seen your local dentist for six months or more, please do not hesitate to contact us on 07 49392900 and we can assess those amalgams and your overall oral health.

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