Active Maintenance Program

Icon Dental Group believes in the principle that prevention is better than a cure. We’d much rather prevent our patients from suffering from long-term gum disease, tooth decay or general health issues associated with these conditions by running a six month active maintenance program so we can help you to maintain a high standard of oral health.

A typical 6 monthly dental visit for any patient of ours will include the following essential:


  • A complete dental check-up
  • A screening for oral cancer
  • Routine x-ray scans
  • A thorough and comfortable teeth cleaning session

These appointments can last from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on each patient’s condition. Spending time every 6 months with our expert clinical team will save you both money and future suffering by preventing any oral health issues from arising.

Why Bother with Active Maintenance?

If left unchecked, your mouth can develop painful and embarrassing symptoms including bleeding gums, bad breath and tooth pain. These symptoms of tooth decay and gum disease can affect your general health. Established gum disease (now called Periodontal Disease) can allow bacteria to spread to other parts of the body, leading to a higher risk of serious illnesses, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, pneumonia and other diseases.


Fortunately, our oral health experts can help you design a personalized dental cleaning plan for you to follow in between each appointment. At Icon Dental Group, we believe in preventing oral health diseases, and we will support you in maintaining the highest possible standard of oral health.

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