Give your kids a gift that lasts for life – establishing a “dental home”

Regular doctor’s visits from a very early age are essential for a child’s overall health, but taking them to see a dentist is equally as important. Establishing a good “dental home” for your child before age one is the very best way to make sure they grow up with a healthy smile, a fantastic gift that can last for life. Ideally, your child should see a dentist as soon as they get that very first tooth or by age one. The earlier your child sees a dentist, the better, as we can provide excellent preventative care and early dental visits help protect your child from tooth decay.

That first dental visit is a milestone moment, and we are very gentle with children, treating them like our own. During this visit, we take your child’s medical history and gently examine their mouth to assess their dental health. Here at ICON Dental & Cosmetic Centre, dental education is very important to us and we can teach you how to look after those precious first teeth and can discuss other habits that may harm their teeth in the future such as thumb sucking. If needed, we can provide nutritional advice that helps prevent tooth decay. As your child gets older, we work with them directly teaching them how to care for their teeth and explaining why it’s so important. With a good dental home, your child can grow up with a healthy, beautiful smile for life.

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