General Dentistry

Icon Dental provides a comprehensive selection of general dental treatments to help you gain and maintain healthy teeth and optimal oral health.

Our modern practice is specifically designed to create a welcoming atmosphere. However, we know some people find visiting the dentist a little overwhelming, and we offer a range of comfort services to help make your visit more enjoyable and relaxing. Happy gas is also available to help you feel more comfortable during your treatments.

Maintaining Optimal Oral Health

Your regular six-monthly dental examinations are crucial for good dental health and include your customised active maintenance program. We firmly believe in prevention, and an active maintenance program enables you to maintain an optimal level of oral health between dental checkups more easily, as we can design an effective home oral care routine for you to follow.

By regularly visiting us, we can closely monitor your dental health and will clean your teeth thoroughly. These dental visits are the most effective way to ensure any small problems are detected and treated promptly, protecting your oral and overall health. During your dental examinations, we also take dental x-rays and examine the condition of existing restorations. As they age, these need to be replaced to continue providing maximum protection for your teeth.

Restoring Teeth

Our restorative treatments repair teeth damaged by disease or trauma, ensuring these teeth remain fully functional while still looking good.

These treatments include amalgam-free fillings and crowns & bridges.


Dentures are a tried and tested way to restore missing teeth. They are cost-effective and restore appearance and functionality. We custom design each denture to create a natural-looking appearance and provide partial and full dentures and implant-retained dentures.

Wisdom Teeth Removal and Tooth Extractions

Your wisdom teeth don’t make an appearance until the late teens or early 20s, by which time your adult teeth are already firmly established, often leaving little to no room for these latecomers. If you have yet to get your wisdom teeth, we monitor their position carefully using digital dental x-rays. If these teeth cannot come through properly, we can remove them.

While we strive very hard to preserve your natural teeth, sometimes it isn’t possible, and a tooth may be too badly infected or damaged to restore. 

Therefore, tooth extractions are always the last resort, but we make sure they are carried out as quickly and comfortably as possible when necessary.

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