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Many of our patients want to go beyond simply improving their smile, Icon Cosmetic Centre can help lift, tighten and brighten your appearance, using the latest state-of-the-art technology and injectables, while offering the very best of care.

Many clients come to us concerned with the appearance of broken capillaries, premature wrinkles and frown lines, chronic dryness, or sun damage. They want to look and feel their best and are keen to help minimise the effects of ageing.

4 Main Principle of Skin Rejuvenation


Relax the skin using Botulinum toxins to soften the facial muscles that lead to wrinkles.


Dermal fillers restore loss of volume in the skin and improve the contour of the skin.


Improving the skin surface by either chemically (peels ranging in depth) or mechanically (micro needling collagen induction therapy) resurfacing.


Now surgical face lifts with PDO threads or a referral to a plastic surgeon for facial surgery.

Icon Cosmetic Centre services always begin with skin screening to ensure your treatments are bespoke to your particular skin. With a focus on subtlety, we are the town’s best kept secret! Our skin treatments will help minimize deterioration while highlighting your best features. 

Who will be completing a skin analysis?

Apart from a specialist plastic surgeon, a dentist’s extensive training and knowledge of the facial anatomy and facial muscles ensure that they are the most appropriate facial aesthetics health provider. It should be recommended that dentists understand that teeth and a person’s bite can really affect the overall look of the face. 

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