Is it possible to enjoy a trip to the dentist? At Icon IT IS!


Long gone are the days of the tattered “Where’s Wally?” poster on the ceiling. The entire treatment room at Icon Dental was designed with your comfort in mind. These are just a few things you will enjoy during your visit...




At Icon Dental we provide a full Concierge Service so you never have to be left alone in a nervous waiting room.  Would you like a drink? Our concierge will offer you a selection of refreshing drinks which are sure to hit the spot.



For your comfort, we have in-roof televisions with a large variety of DVDS, music and television channels. Put your feet up, turn up the volume and drown out those pesky dental sounds.



Icon Dental patients love the opportunity to book a complimentary hand and arm massage when scheduling their dental treatment. Massage can make dental visits more relaxing and enjoyable for patients while creating a more pleasant visit. Our experienced beauty therapist, Rachael, is qualified in massage and Reiki treatments. These massage treatments can also help with drug-sensitive or phobic patients by offering drug-free alternatives to pain management and anxiety. 



Private lounge areas have been designed to be cozy and personal. They are closed off from the rest of the treatment and front-office areas. Your Treatment Coordinator will be happy to sit down with you in these private spaces, away from the dental chair and drills, to answer any of your questions and listen to your concerns.  Perhaps you would like to discuss financial plans, medical history, diagnosed treatment, previous dental experiences?



Happy Gas (Nitrous Oxide) has been used as the primary means of Sedation in Dentistry for many years. The advantages are wonderful as it:


  • Works well for people who experience anxiety 

  • Has a rapid onset 

  • Is of a flexible duration so it can be used for any appointment length 

  • Gives the patient absolute control. It is easy to quickly control the level of sedation which may be altered moment to moment.   

  • Allows people to recover quickly 

  • Has very few side effects 

  • Has an analgesic effect 

  • Ensures you can drive yourself to and from your dental appointment 

  • Ensures you can return to normal activities immediately

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