Why Are Regular Dental Visits Important?

Regular dental visits are important because they help keep your teeth and gums healthy. Dentists recommend that you should have a regular dental visit at least every 6 months. Dental Visit – Every Six Months Have you ever wondered why your dentist recommends you come back every six months? It’s because regular dental visits are

Dental implants – Your Third Set of Teeth

While implants were introduced into dental practices in the late 1970s, you may be surprised to know that the earliest recorded attempts of their use date back to the Mayan civilization around 600 A.D. Needless to say, dental implants have undergone giant leaps in improved design, success, and overall patient satisfaction since those ancient times!

Eating as much chocolate as you like this without damaging your teeth

We have the secret to eating as much chocolate as you like this Easter without damaging your teeth! So lets start with the bad new first and then we’ll get on to the good news! There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a chocolate treat but make sure you don’t forget about your teeth and your family’s

What is the Golden proportion? Smile and Cosmetic Dentistry

The Golden Proportion is a partial answer to the vexed question, ‘what is beauty?’ The ancient Greeks believed they had an answer when they discoveredthat there was a constant proportion between a large and a small in the beauty of nature. This proportion is called the Golden Proportion. Golden, because it seems so noble and

Do you suffer from muscular facial pain, tooth grinding or clenching?

Traditionally facial pain and discomfort caused by Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMJ), clenching and grinding of the teeth, have been difficult and complicated to treat. Now the same materials used to eliminate wrinkles of the skin caused by the underlying muscle action, can be used to successfully reduce the symptoms of tooth grinding, clenching and TMD

The Importance of Saliva in Dental Health

When it comes to dental wellbeing, many people think about their gums and teeth. But did you know that saliva plays an important role in maintaining good oral health? When it comes to oral health, saliva clears away bacteria on your gums and enamel, which can cause disease and infection – so it’s a significant

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