Meet Dr Eden McHugh

Dr Eden McHugh completed a Bachelor of Dental Science and Graduate Diploma of Clinical Dentistry from Griffith University. He has since worked exclusively in private practice and has continued expanding his scope of practice and developing his skills through regular continued education. In 2016 he became a registered Invisalign provider to employ clear aligner therapy


Oral health tips for busy mums

When you’re looking after everybody else, it’s easy to ignore your own oral health. Often making a few simple changes will reduce your risk of dental problems including gum disease and tooth decay. During pregnancy, it’s even more critical to look after your oral care because hormonal changes can increase the risk of dental disease.


Getting things straight – How orthodontics could help you

A straighter smile looks attractive at any age and can be healthier too. Here at ICON Dental & Cosmetic Centre we provide the very latest orthodontic technologies suitable for adults and children. Explore your options We frequently use conventional fixed braces, which are highly effective for precisely repositioning teeth. However, adults and older teenagers are


How can a cold or flu affect your dental health?

When you have a cold or flu, your dental health probably isn’t a priority, but it can affect it considerably. Dry mouth Usually, when you have a cold or flu, you cannot breathe through your nose and instead must breathe through your mouth. Consequently, your mouth can become dry and uncomfortable. Also, decongestants and antihistamines


Five bad habits that can damage your teeth

Your teeth are amazing as they help you to talk and eat properly and support your facial muscles. However, daily habits can damage them. We’ve listed five of the worst offenders.   Smoking Smoking increases the risk of gum disease and premature tooth loss and stains your teeth. It can also increase the risk of

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